A Brief Introduction To Sumilon Island Sandbar

Sumilon is actually a privately owned space with a resort inside the place i.e. the Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort. It is not actually a place for the shoestring travelers, but the resort owner gives allowance to the non-resort guests for staying at the sandbar in return for a minimal fee.

One of the best things which can offer a high level of satisfaction to the travel lovers is opting to watch whale shark and Sumilon sandbar. This is because they happen to be the most amazing natural features of this small island.

Now, I will be sharing my personal experience of visiting the Sumilon Island and seeing the famous sandbar. Sumilon Island is quite a small island which is located in the southern part of Cebu.

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I would like to highlight that if you are currently in Oslob then you should not skip exploring the Sumilon Island at any cost. This is because it is just about 20-30 minutes away via a boat ride from Tan-awan in Oslob.

It is one of the top as well as famous destinations among the tourists because of its perfect white powdery sandbar. Further, the sea is highly amazing as it tends to divide into three different colors i.e. navy blue, turquoise, and a light blue-green color.

The Island is considered as a paradise for the marine life which is living around the island.