Best Street Food in Australia for Couples


Australia’s food menu is diverse and rich. From fresh fish, beef, kangaroo, and emu meat, the delicacies can make you lick your fingers. Obviously, Australian cuisine is found best in restaurants, but it’s the street food every traveler will crave for. These are some of the best street food everyone should try.

1. Barbequed Snags – Australian food culture is defined by barbequed snags. Available at almost all street vendors, this is one of most loved and preferred snacks.

2. Meat Pies –One of the most popular foods in Australia are meat pies. You can have these as a snack or meal with a variety of meat. Ignore those bread and have them with gravy and mashed potatoes.

3. John Dory Fish – This fish is found on Australian waters, and locals love eating them as a sort of a snack. You have the choice to have this amazing fish with chips, mashed potato, salad or herbed oil.

4. Crab Sticks – It’s not crabs. Instead, its pieces of fish which are deep fried in the shape of crab legs with the help of batter.

5. Pigs in a Blanket – The most popular food in Australia is pigs in a blanket. Served with massive dose of meat, locals eat it on a daily basis.

6. Barramundi –Perfect fired fish to try out in Australia. It is soft on the inside but crispy on the outside.

Couples need to have these delicacies during their stay in Australia. Australia also has a few popular resorts and hotels and is the most luxurious honeymoon destinations in the world.