Cut Costs and Not Corners with Your Wedding Reception Food

Most women, if you go by what they show in the movies and sitcoms, seem to dream of nothing but lavish perfect weddings (right from the time they were five, they keep saying). And the wedding industry certainly does its best to push how weddings have to be fairytale affairs. But that wasn't how I wanted things – nor my husband. We looked at how the average wedding costs $25,000 and we told ourselves that that wasn't going to be us. Know where we started making cuts in our wedding planning? We started with the wedding reception food.

Why the food, you ask? Well, when we asked caterers for a quote, they usually started at $35 per person for dinner. If you included alcohol that jumped up to nearly $70 a person. Since we had about 100 guests, we were easily looking at a $7000 tab. For amazing food at a resonable price, visit Craighaar Hotel now.

And that was the low end of the scale. Since we actually wanted to spend no more than $10,000 on the wedding, this was clearly not the way we could do it. We thought and we thought, and we came upon a few ways to cut costs and not corners.

So why do American businesses keep outsourcing work to Asia? It's the same reason that the grocery stores and airports have self-service kiosks and the banks love Internet banking. It's that employing people is the most expensive part of any business venture.

A great way to save money on your wedding reception food arrangements would be to do away with people whose serve it. Make it a complete buffet thing where people help themselves. It just isn't worth the hundreds of dollars you'll pay for this little luxury.

A part of the food for your perception can actually come from your own kitchen. This isn't as complicated and as time-consuming as it sounds. Frozen homemade appetizers can be a great way to save on wedding reception food costs. Since they are frozen, you just have to whip up a few everyday in the week leading up to the wedding and put it away in the freezer.

 Appetizers actually would be great place to save money because as with alcohol, caterers often make a large chunk of their profits on the appetizers. They happen to be high-margin items for them.

People don't come to a wedding reception hoping for the chance they're going to have to dig into some free food. Most of the time, people can afford their own food at home. At a wedding, they're just looking for food because they're hungry. So if you could get a few quick snacks – crackers, cheese, fruit – they could quickly fill up on that. This way, when the actual wedding feast starts everyone will be somewhat full and they'll just sample the actual food.

The alcohol can be the most cripplingly expensive part of catering a wedding reception. Try to look for a wedding reception venue that allows you to bring your own beverages, bought from the market. Lots of reception venues will try to head this kind of thing off by putting it down in the rules that they don't allow outside stuff. Don't go to such a venue.

Most people think that a cash bar at a wedding is a tasteless thing. You can have an open bar. Except that you can limit the number of hours you serve anything, and you can serve more affordable beverages – like beer. Some people make their bar completely nonalcoholic – with smoothies and coffee.