Different Types of Styles for Draping a Dupatta

If you have a very heavy dupatta with a simple blouse then this style will fit you the best. It will cover your blouse from the front and leave the back flowing to veil your head. The easy way can be adopted by tucking one corner in the lehenga. Then take the plated side from the back and tuck another end on the adjacent shoulder to cover the front.

The brides have been adopting the style with either a contrasting dupatta or a lightweight net dupatta so that your beautiful hairstyle can be flaunted. You can purchase printed silk dupatta online for several events.

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All you have to do is to drape the original dupatta in any way that suits you and then put the other one like a veil. Well! This style of ladies goes great with saree draping or open back style.

A front flow dupatta is for the ladies who have a heavy dupatta and choose to wear heavy jewellery as well. It makes you look slim and fledged from the front. This style suits best if you are a punjabi bride wearing a patiala suit for the wedding.

For every other function at the wedding, you can go with the oldest trick in the book. Casually drape the dupatta if your blouse is heavy as compared to the veil. The look can never go out of the style and looks stunning on everyone.