Finding The Right Elder Care Option For Your Family

Eldercare is in the minds of many people these days. With the baby boomers rapidly aging population, more and more families are facing the dilemma of how to organize senior care for their aging relatives.

 There are usually 3 choices of families; a nursing home, taking care of their family members of the elderly themselves, or some kind of home care / assisted living program.

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Let's take a look at the pros and cons of three of these options:


Nursing homes are a common choice as a final retreat for a large number of elderly in the US going on for about half a century. It is basically the "set and forgets" approach. For some family members who simply no way to take care of their families and for the elderly who are too poor health to stay in their home, a nursing home can make sense. It provides support around the clock for patients, but there are several drawbacks to this option;

a. It can be very expensive. elderly care in a nursing home can quickly eat the assets of the elderly person. And in some states, family members are also on the hook for nursing home bills.

b. Notoriously poor quality of care for the elderly. While most nursing homes are trying to do their best with what they have, the reality is that there are usually too many patients and too few nurses to give elderly care patients deserve.