How To Choose The Best Property Lawyer?

When selling or purchasing any type of property it is preferable to hire a professional property or real estate lawyer. The lawyer can guide you about your rights and the process involved in buying, selling or renting a property. Moreover, they will keep your interest a priority rather than the other party’s. Below are a few things that you should consider when hiring a property lawyer.

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1. Do your research

Before hiring a property lawyer you should conduct a thorough research. It is preferable to start research as soon as you decide you want to sell or purchase property. Also select an attorney that is experienced in the relevant field.

2. Seek others' advice

Ask your relatives or close friends to refer the best property lawyers Melbourne they may have worked with recently. You can also ask your fellow lawyer friends to recommend a property or a real estate attorney who can give you impartial advice.

3. Fees of attorney

Always ask the fees of the attorney before-hand so that you can assess whether you will be able to afford their services or not. If your friend recommended a lawyer you can ask for a discount.

4. Specialty of the Lawyer

You should select a lawyer who deals with the sale and purchase matters of residential properties. There are many types of lawyers. Some of them deal with criminal cases, while others deal with family cases.When it comes to property cases some lawyers deal with commercial property while others only deal with residential properties. So, it very essential to select an attorney that deals with your particular type of property. Also make sure that the lawyer is registered in the related bar associations.

Lastly, make sure that lawyer deals with properties similar to yours.