How to Conduct a One-To-One Bible Study on Revelations?

You don't have to be a lettered theologian in order to conduct an effective Bible study on Revelations. While sufficient understanding of this phrase is essential, in case you've got a passion for the word of God and also a burning desire to learn and share His lovely truths, in a brief period you may have the ability to obtain enough knowledge to do a one-time study. You can browse to get christian prayer book.

If you aspire to run a successful Bible study on Revelations like a newcomer you have to be at least decent knowledge of certain regions of Bible prophecy.

• you ought to be knowledgeable about the prophecy of Daniel two, that summarizes the series of world kingdoms contributing up to the 2nd Coming of Christ.

• You have to possess a rounded understanding of this prophecy of Matthew 24, that speaks of these indicators of the 2nd Coming of Christ.

If you never believe you're totally armed in such areas it's possible to take a couple of weeks and also do a little research online, attend a Bible convention (whether or away ), or talk to a more informed person on the topic in the community church.

In getting ready for a one time Bible study on Revelations, you don't want as much stuff as you'd require a set demonstration at which you might encounter various styles, and at which more questions are shooting. For example an upstart, you're still not prepared to provide a Bible demonstration to an audience.

1. Decide on a chapter/topic from the book of Revelation which you believe that you are able to present. Simply take the opportunity to be much more familiarized with this particular chapter and organize it into research format. 

2. Presenting such a subject might cause unnecessary difficulties involving the other person who could have strong comments on this issue which will vary from yours. And whatever was meant to become an edifying Bible conversation might turn into a viewpoint argument.