How to Make Your Prayer Life More Enjoyable?

Do you love God? There are certain characteristics you find in any lover of God, one of which is playfulness. If you love God you will desire to be with Him at all times.

Prayer is a platform for fellow shipping with God and expressing your love for Him. This post gives reasons why people who love God are prayerful. If you are looking for the spirituality prayer books then, you can browse the web.

Prayer is a 2-way channel through which you commune with God. God speaks to you through His word, but through prayer, you have the opportunity to speak to God and also hear from Him. The amazing thing is that God wants to hear you too.

Just as some Christians read little but the Bible, others read almost everything but the Bible. In today’s church culture, the Bible often plays second fiddle to works of theology, and some churches don’t emphasise the importance of reading either one.

The Bible makes it clear that every Believer should prayer. Note the words used in here. Not a Christian but a Believer. Why? Because most people brand themselves with the title Christian but never practice or do anything related with it.

A Believer is one who listens to the word, reads the word and does what the Word of God says. The Bible quotes “Do not be hearers of the word only but Doers of it”. This is what separates a Christian from a Believer and every believer is encouraged to pray without ceasing.