Inspect Your Drains for Standing Water

Check the end of your downspouts for eroded areas. You may have been blocked or collapsed underground drains, which may require cleaning or replacement.  

If the underground drain lines are required, I recommend installing PVC drain line, smooth-sided, compared ADS corrugated waterways, where possible. I will also include a clean-out plug at the junction of the downspout and drain line to allow a tube or a plumber's snake to clean the line periodically.

Check the slope of the bed adjacent to the house foundation. Do they tilt away from the wall? This is what we refer to as a positive drainage. You can also find the Cctv drain inspection in derby for getting more information about drain cleaning services.

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Over the years, filling the window wells and needed to be cleaned. Lower window wells may require replacement or extension to raise them before adding the soil to bed to promote positive drainage. It is a good idea to install window well covers to keep water and debris.

During inspection, check for low areas in the yard. Simply add the soil and reseeding or sodding is often the easiest solution. Wider gradation may be needed to fix a large wet area. Clay will stay wet longer than clay or sandy soil. It is usually acceptable to have permanent standing water in your yard for 24 hours after a rainstorm before considering regrading.

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