Is There Any Difference Between Radiant And Cushion Cut Diamond?


You will rarely meet any women on this planet who are not fond of jewelry. Buying jewelry once or twice in a year or on the special occasion is just like the old ritual of purchasing jewelry.  

Nothing can be better than buying diamond jewelry. People want to buy a masterpiece for them. Therefore they often get into the debate between radiant cut diamond and cushion cut diamond.

So which one is better? Let's have a look at it together.

There is no huge difference between the two diamonds. Both of the diamonds look very similar. It is quite difficult for the unprofessional eye to find out the difference between them.

Both of diamonds fall under the category of the luminous diamond. However, there is the difference between the shape of the radiant cut diamond and cushion cut diamond.

Radiant cut diamonds are rectangular in shape with trimmed corners. On the other hand, cushion cut diamond has rounded corners. Cushion cut diamonds are more oval in shape and radiant cut diamond have a definite rectangular outline.

Both radiant cut and cushion cut diamond fall under the category of “brilliant cut” diamonds. But because of large facets cushion cut diamond are less brilliant than radiant cut diamonds.    

However, there is no significant difference between both diamonds that can be noticeable by unprofessional eye.