Menopause – Hormone Treatments Might Shrink Brains and Damage Memory

Surprisingly, there is one more bad news from hormone treatments for menopause this week. A study found that women who use hormones for menopause treatment have smaller frontal lobes than women who do not use hormones. Shrinkage in both regions of the hippocampus and frontal lobes of the brain will damage memory and cognitive functions.

Remember that estrogen does many things in the body. Medical science only knows that estrogen reduces hot flashes, but doesn’t know what else estrogen can do in the body. In fact, there are many ways to reduce hot flash. Get to know more about hormone therapy for breast cancer side effects via reading online.

Do you know how much estrogen functions in the body? Estrogen increases cell proliferation after fertilization, improves nerve connections in the brain and controls insulin levels. Estrogen receptors are found everywhere in the body from the ovary to the pituitary, in the hypothalamus, in various parts of the brain, in the prostate gland, testicles, liver, and kidneys.

When you use hormones for menopause treatment, you add external hormones to the body every day. There are many estrogen receptors in the body. Estrogen binds to all estrogen receptors sooner or later.

There are many estrogen receptors in breast tissue, in the uterus, and in various parts of the brain. Many years ago, it was discovered that excessive stimulation by estrogen would cause breast and uterine cancer. It is now known that estrogen damages the brain. In the future, more side effects will be discovered, just because estrogen is not for menopause. Estrogen has many other biological functions.