Perfect Lapel Pin Placement


Wearing lapel pin on your outfit not only makes you look good but it also shows your knowledge on putting proper attire. The first golden rule of lapel placement: it must be worn on the left side between the neck and front pocket of the front side. Here’s a few basic information on Lapel Pin Placement.

  • Jackets –Wearing a lapel pin on a sports jacket makes an individual look really smart. Some companies make jackets with buttonholes which makes it easier for the pin to be worn. If not, you can still pierce the jacket carefully with the pin.
  • Tie – If you do wish to wear jackets, then use a tie. You can easily wear a lapel pin on the center portion of the tie.
  • Dress Shirt –If you prefer not to wear a jacket or a tie, then adding the lapel pin on the central part of the shirt is a good position.
  • Coat –A regular wearing coat is perfect for the use of badges or mini pins. High quality or formal coats have buttonholes which make it easy to wear the pins on the left flank.

Today, there’s no right or wrong way of wearing lapel pins. Either way they make an individual look classy and stylish.