Small Size Vacuum Cleaners

The small size vacuum cleaners are best suited for small houses, apartments and caravans. Our best range of small size vacuum cleaners offer a hard floor cleaner, carpet cleaner and handheld cleaner all in one. The compactness of small vacuum cleaners is because of the fact that these are bag-less.

Before buying the small size vacuum cleaner you must be aware of the dust separation technologies used in these light weight vacuum cleaners so that you are able to maintain them and clean their filter without any problem. The following are the dust separation technologies available in our range of the best small size vacuum cleaners.

small vacuums

Filter based compact vacuum cleaners

These are very effective and very popular among small size vacuum cleaners. But you need to clean the filter very regularly because a relatively high amount of dust hits the filter of these filter based bagless vacuum cleaners and the dust clogs up on the filter very quickly. Hence, if not cleaned regularly then the clogged up dust will affect the performance of your vacuum cleaner and its suction power will decrease. Hence to get the good suction power from your filter base light weight vacuum cleaner you are required to clean its filter after every four to six uses.

Cyclonic compact vacuum cleaners

Filter cleaning is required less often in cyclonic small size vacuum cleaners as compared to filter cleaning in filter cleaning in filter based compact vacuum cleaners. The cyclonic system of small size vacuum cleaners consists of a single cyclone which increases the airflow which drives the dust away from the filter and hence a very less amount of dirt is clogged up on the filter and thus filter cleaning is required less regularly unlike the filter based bag-less vacuum cleaners.

Multi-cyclonic small size vacuum cleaners:

This is the most advance dust separation technology available in the light weight vacuum cleaners. The small size vacuum cleaners with the multi-cyclonic technology give the best suction power because the multi-cyclonic system creates multiple cyclones that speed up the airflow that even the smallest dust particles are forced out in the bin before they reach the filter. The massive G forces keep the dust away from the filter and hence the filter remains safe from dust clogging. You get a consistent amount of suction power every time you use this vacuum cleaner.