Some Facts about 3M Paint Protection

Paint protection films were first developed during the Vietnam War and served military purposes. Soldiers need some material that will protect helicopter propellers during missions in adverse conditions. This is how a clear bra appears.

The material was strong enough to keep the blade safe from damage that should have been caused by flying debris. Soon after, paint protection films began to gain popularity outside the military sector. It was mounted on NASCAR team cars to offer reliable paint protection from scratches and scratches. You can visit to find the rear bumper protection film for your vehicle.

Clear bra appears as a long-awaited alternative to traditional leather bras and vinyl cars. It has a number of advantages and imperfections that make the bra easy to handle. Leather and vinyl bras are thick and difficult to install. In addition, they affect the appearance of the vehicle.

Vinyl and leather bras are not able to provide very tight compatibility. This means that moisture and dirt can be trapped underneath when it rains or every time the car is washed. Vinyl bras must be removed whenever bad weather is expected or the car will be cleaned.

Nissan GTR got wrapped with Xpel Ultimate paint protection film / clear bra

3M paint protection is waterproof and once installed, it will remain in the car for all of its life. The toughness of this film provides a five-year guarantee. If maintained properly, a clear bra can remain in good condition even for longer periods of time.

The next set of interesting facts focuses on the resilience of the film. Tests show that a clear bra is able to withstand the effects of debris such as gravel and stones flying at 60 miles per hour.

The paint protection film is strong, easy to maintain and able to withstand the effects of extreme atmospheric conditions. These are all big advantages that lure many people to try on a clear bra.

It is also important to note that this material is suitable for all types of vehicles. It can stick to almost all ingredients. Proof of claim is a way in which many people use paint protective films outside the car industry. This can wrap almost everything from high-tech gadgets and switch to garden furniture.

Clear bras can be installed in all types of vehicles, including boats and private aircraft. However, the initial use of the material was for aircraft protection.