Trendy Bathroom Floor Tiles Ideas

Everyone loves a nicely decorated bathroom and what better way to do it than by using mosaic bathroom floor tiles? These tiles can be cut into any shape or arranged in patters like swirls, circles, waves, triangles etc. They can even be arranged to form a work of art.

For instance you can arrange some colored tiles to form an underwater theme for your bathroom. You can hire quality tiling service in Perth  who offers complete range of services to meet all your tiling needs.

Some different bathroom floor tiles notions consist of tiling your bathroom with tiles made from bamboo wood,  wood or bamboo.  Cork flooring supplies your bathroom an alternative feel.  They’re simple to sustain and remains warm even in the winter.  In the event you decide to accomplish the restroom tile utilizing cork, then put in a few potted plants and utilize fittings with a metallic finish to provide a trendy and organic appearance.


If you prefer hardwood flooring, go looking for hardwood floors.  They look fashionable and elegant when along with attachments such as potted plants, mirrors and toilet carpets.  But they might require extensive maintenance.  Bamboo flooring can be a fantastic idea.  Still another among of the fantastic bathroom floor tiles thoughts is to use pebbled tiles.

These tiles offer the restroom and trendy and organic appearance.  Metal tiles really are among many very  advanced bathroom floor tiles notions.  These tiles have been created with aluminum, bronze, brass etc and arrive in various sorts of finishes such as smooth, glossy or brushed finish.  These fashions accommodate contemporary and modern baths.

You might even utilize bathroom tiles made from mosaic or stone.  Stone floors may possibly be more costly but they continue long.  Mosaic tiles have been created with glass, old tiles, pebbles and so forth and add colour and texture to the restroom.

One of the more practical bathroom floor tiles ideas involves using concrete tiles. They are durable, low maintenance and come in different colors and textures. They also give good grip and prevent one from slipping.