Why Is Flotrol The Right Cure For Urinary Incontinence?

When you lose control over the urinary functions of your body, you are said to be classified as having urinary incontinence. This condition can happen at any point in your lifetime. This condition is more likely to happen in women then in men. Those in their older years are more likely to suffer from incontinence than those in their younger years.

When you experience urinary incontinence, it will start off as a slight problem. Gradually over time it will increase in severity. You want to treat htiscondition before it gets to the point of being extremely hindering of your regular lifestyle. Those who are dealing severe incontinence, will have issues with an involuntary release of their bladder. Most will get a sudden urge to go to the bathroom and end up going before they reach the toilet. This can be a frustrating condition that will affect the sufferer both physically and mentally. 

Flotrol works to strengthen the bladder muscles. When the bladder muscles, also referred to as the pelvic floor muscles, are strengthened, they are better able to hold a contracted state of the bladder. This translates to keeping the urine inside of the bladder until you are on the toilet ready for it to come out.